Club/Course Updates

This page has been created to keep members updated and informed regarding COVID-19 procedural changes.

3/26/20 10:00pm - From Billy Proffitt

Daily Specials and online ordering are available now on the website.  Click here and scroll down to see menu and online ordering link.

3/20/20 8:30am - From the Golf Shop Staff

In light of the various COVID-19 related changes happening around MCC, we want to clarify that many of the club's services are still available to all members. The Golf Shop is still open for business and facilitating play on the course. The restaurant is still open to provide to-go food orders, though the Mixed Grill and Locker Rooms are closed. All restrooms in the Clubhouse will remain open as well.

We do ask that Clubhouse traffic be limited to necessary traffic only. The MCC Staff appreciates your patience as we continue to make adjustments during this unusual challenge. We look forward to reopening all services as soon as conditions stabilize.

3/19/20 3:30pm - From Cary Maddox

Just an update on the golf shop and course.  Billy will be sending out information regarding the Mixed Grill/Locker Room later.  The golf shop will remain open regular hours weather permitting.  Starting tomorrow morning carts will be out in front of the golf shop like normal.  Keys will be in the carts so you don't have to come into the golf shop if you don't need to.  Weather permitting the range will be open tomorrow.  If so we will just have balls on the mats with no den caddys.  Updates will be sent out via text or email with any new information.

Thank you for your patience during this crazy time.

3/19/20 11:30am - From Billy Proffitt

Covid-19 Update

Asa Hutchinson the Governor of Arkansas has suspended all dine-in options for restaurants and bars for the entire state. Starting tomorrow.

The Country Club can only offer takeout, curbside pickup and delivery options.  The dining rooms and men’s locker room will be closed. I ask that you use the pickup and delivery options that are available. This is a form of revenue we need as a club. Thankfully some of my staff can help in other departments to make income. I know this is a trying time for everyone and I pray it gets better soon.

I will continue offering weekly family meals. I will be adjusting the main menu to ensure zero waste. I will have a lunch and dinner menu done by this weekend. The State is allowing us to sell wine and beer for pickup or delivery. I will have to look at numbers to make this work. I thank all of you for your continued support and can’t wait till we can open back up all the way! I will keep you all informed as changes are made.

3/18/20 2:30pm - From Billy Proffitt

First, I would like to apologize for the multiple emails you are getting today. We have a ton of info we are trying to get out to you as fast as possible. I would like to give you an update on the club operations. Business will continue as usual. Dine in and curbside pickup. I will add a delivery option starting tomorrow to a limited area of Maumelle. I have made changes to insure “social distance” to parts of the Mixed Grill. All bar stools are put away. This is to ensure that drinks and pick up orders are in a controlled environment. The New Addition is now to be considered the “social distance area” for dining. All tables have been spaced to at least 6 feet. The menu will stay as-is for now. I will say I am being very mindful of ordering. My goal is to waste nothing! I ask for your patience if we are out of something. We have started family meals for curbside pickup with select delivery coming tomorrow. I will post a weekly meal menu. Simply call 501-851-1037 and place your order by 3pm of that day. If its curbside we ask a pickup time and what you will be driving. Park in the circle and we will bring it to you. You can also call us when you arrive. My staff have and will continue to clean and sanitize everything all of the time. Gloves will be worn and changed often. I have suspended all buffets for now. If anyone of my staff is not feeling good, they will not come to work. I appreciate all of you and everything you do for club. If anyone has a question, give me a call 501-837-4863.

The Birds of Prey will be postponed to a later date.

3/18/20 9:30am - From Lance Norwood

As we go through this unprecedented time in our country dealing with the COVID-19 virus, the Maumelle Country Club golf maintenance staff is taking steps to keep the patrons of Maumelle Country Club as safe as possible. Ball washers will be covered, and water coolers will not be installed on the course during this time.  Practice green flag sticks and bunker rakes will be removed from the course. On course flag sticks will stay, but we ask that they be left in the cup during play. And for once using a separate cart will be encouraged instead of discouraged.