Thursday Night Shootout

Group A

Jared Lillard/Lane Stafford

Group B

Nick Henry/Parker Clay

Group C

Josh Pierce/Lee Raley

Group D

Kasey Grovey/Connor Hancock

Group E

Gerald Krauser/Nick Krauser

The Thursday Night Shootout on the Back 9 is always a great time!

The Shootout is open to all participants. Anyone not participating is encouraged to come and spectate.

The Margarita Tent between #10 and #17 sponsored by Brent Ashcraft is always a great hang out spot.

TRUE alternate shot.
Each team will select a partner to tee off then alternate until the ball is holed out.
The partner not holing the putt will tee off on the next hole.

#10, #11, #16, #17, #18

White Tees
Green Tees (60 and older)

A certain number of teams will be eliminated after each hole. The team(s) with the highest score will be eliminated.

In case of a tie on any hole there will be a putt off (closest to hole).

1st will be paid out in each group.

Closest To The Pin Challenge
The winners of each group will go to hole #10 for a Closest to the Pin Challenge.